What Patients are Saying (on Yelp)

“I highly recommend”
Bex G.  4/18/2012

I highly recommend Dr. Elise Wong at Essential Family Medicine for families, including children. She puts a lot of weight into the standard of care and she has good relationships with other care providers. She has done a really great job of taking care of me while I was really sick these last couple of weeks. She is a huge team player. She knew where to refer me for specialized care, she made the appointments for me, she followed up with all of the other care providers to make sure that everyone was communicating well about what was going on with me. She spent a good time at my visits explaining the results of the tests I had done as well as and what the specialist thinks/expects/wants on her end as well. I am typically terrified to go to the MD, have a hard time navigating the system and never know who to call. Elise basically did all of that for me and made it very friendly and very easy and she served as a sort of home base that I could come back to and have everything else that was happening be integrated. She also made herself available to me on her cell phone, should anything happen between visits.

“I love Dr. Elise Wong”
 Jessica M. 7/22/2013

I love Dr Elise Wong!!!  She’s what you’ve always dreamed a doctor would be: kind & caring of course; but she also takes the time and makes the effort to really try to get to know her patients and what is going on with their body and mind, so she can treat the whole person.  

Another fantastic thing that sets Dr Wong apart from other ND’s:  she is also trained in Chinese Medicine and uses that knowledge and acupuncture to treat most issues along side what naturopathic medicine would prescribe.  I love having the balance and combination of both medical philosophies.  She’s also open to Western prescription medication when it’s warranted.  And she will refer you to other doctors and/or specialist if she feels they will be best able to help in a particular area of health.  

I’ve been working with her on several different health issues for about 9 months now: digestion problems, back/neck pain, stress management, energy level & so on.  Some of these things have improved very quickly after a few acupuncture sessions (my mood and energy level can quickly be improved within hours of seeing her and receiving an acupuncture treatment – it’s amazing!!!), and other things have been a longer process to figure out and treat.  But as long as I don’t give up finding a solution, neither will Dr. Wong. 

My husband now see’s Dr Wong as well.  So she definitely become our go to, family doctor”

“Easy to speak to”
K.G.  11/9/2014

I recently had my first appointment with Elise Wong. She is incredibly easy to speak to and spent a very long time reviewing my medical history. I did not feel rushed (which is unusual in a healthcare setting) and felt that Dr. Wong really cared about improving my quality of life through better health. It was a positive experience; I can’t wait for my next appointment!


“She is a fabulous doctor”
Sarah S. 12/17/2015

I love Dr. Wong and Essential Family Medicine!!  She is a fabulous doctor and even accepts OHP, and appointments can be booked online.  She is very warm, a great listener, and as sharp as a tack.  I have seen many NDs and she is by far the best yet.  Able to think on her feet quickly and use both naturopathic and Chinese medicine to diagnose and treat.  Highly recommend!!